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I have a parasitic drain that will suck the battery dry in a very short time. I would say the last time was less than 6 hours. Today, I had both my test light and a voltmeter and was going to test it in the garage. My voltmeter kept maxing out as it only goes up to 200ma, so we had to use the less accurate test light. I unhooked the +cable and hooked the test light inline between the positive cable and the positive post. The light came on and after pulling all the fuses, there was no change so I moved under the hood.

Unplugging both of the following items kills the test light completely:

1. Relay: PTC Heater/EGI Control
2. Fused link: Battery ALT:NAT

I'm less worried about the relay as I think its for the O2 and its not currently hooked up anyhow. However, the Fused Link makes me think that maybe the altenator and/or diodes are bad.

What are your thoughts?
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