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pissible solutions;

1. go to homedepot and buy "GREAT STUFF LARGE GAP FILLER" it is an expanding foam. play with it first before you use it on your car and figure out how large a squirte will expand and all that jazz. use a good bit in the top supports under the deck lid to stop rattles on top of it.

2. drive around again and put your hands on the tension springs, see if maybe they are loose some how.

3. try to find an adjustment on the striker plate for the latch and lower it so it latches tighter and closer to the body. it may be to loose right now and since the parts have alot of space around them they can rattle alot (tighter is ALWAYS better :thumbup: )

try those out and get back to us.

edit: to what HL said, yes, check the weather striping, if it is torn or worn in any area it may let the metal of the trunk lid come in contact with the metal on the body, thus causing rattles.
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