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Hey Guys,

just became a member. I am looking urgently for some help with my 1994 JDM Nissan Cedric. It got a VG30DE. It was a sweet runner until today. Engine was smooth, powerfull and all the good things. Now today I thought that it would be a good idea to detail the car a little and started with an engine wash. No waterblaster or any high pressure involved, just some soapy water sprayed over the engine and brushed some places. Hosed it all off with a normal garden hose, the pressure was even pretty bad today. Well, then it was time to pick up my wife and that's when the sh*t hit the fan. All of a sudden my smooth Cedric sounds like an ill- mantained diesel tractor, doesn't have ANY power, the auto is hunting, the valves of the left head (your driverside) are rattling like nobodies business and the whole doesn't drive faster than 30km/h anymore. To me it sounds like massive ignition advance.

I cleaned already the MAF, checked all connectors I could get to and CRCed them. Still no difference, although a little smoother after the MAF clean. Still no power and BAD valve rattle/ knock.

Please, if anybody has any thought towards a solution, please post it here. I am kinda desperate will most likely pull an all- nighter to get it fixed.

Cheers, Denis
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