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StanBo said:
I also run a car club named Import FanatiX.

We run bi-weekly meets in NJ, NY, and Long Island.

Here are some pictures from last nights meet (01-07-05)

Yep 240s and civics. They get along as long as they are all done well.

We pack the lot out with trucks and cars. Angel with the chevy truck (510 in the summer), new guy Greg and his 240, MR2 and Ray with his Pathfinder sans his rims.

240s and RX7s

Some new guys drove up with some really nice VIP cars.

We get our own private room with TV. It rocks.

Also we don't go home when it starts to rain or snow. We have had meets when the temp has been -7.

Everything is welcome at all levels of build. Just be a cool cat and you will fit in fine.

You are all more than welcome to come hang out.
That sounds like a real cool club, but how do you join it exactly??

Oh and Im from Jersey..didnt want to hijack this thread. :)
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