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I have a 1994 nissian d21 pickup automatic,it wasnt shifting in to 2nd gear un till it got warmed up , so i changed the filter and fluid, it still wont shift in to 2nd gear un till it gets warm, i can take off when its cols and manul shift it from first to 3rd gear and then back down to 2nd gear and it works, hust as soon as the truck gets warm its shifts just like a brand new one, doees not slip in any gear, does anyone have any idea what it may be

How long Time/mile's was the ATF in the Transmission before you changed it? The ATF need's to be changed on time per the maintenance schedule.

Did you follow the Exact procedure in the Service Manual for getting the ATF to the proper Fluid Level? Did you use the Proper ATF TYPE per the Service Manual?

I had a little bit of a problem in Delayed shifting to 2nd gear in my '93 4cyl AT 2wd after about 100K mile's, before the Transmission warmed up, and then sometime's it would shift a little bit hard going to 2nd gear before the Transmission warmed up. Eventually those problem's went away. Maybe there was a little bit of clogging in one of the ATF passage's, don't know, but it eventually cleared up. It only get's down into the Low 20's sometime's in the Winter Time where I live, but most time only down in the 30's by the time I start driveing in the DayTime.

The ATF Level need's to be checked @ a Specific Temperature per the Service Manual. That's a little difficult without an ATF Temperature Gauge, However what I did was Warm the Engine up to operateing temperature before driveing by watching the Coolant Gauge and then going thru the Service Manual procedure exactly and putt the Level 1/2 way between the Low and Full mark's on the Dip Stick useing the Cold Range. Then I drove the Truck about 20 mile's @ moderate Speed's and Rechecked the Level putting the Level 1/2 way between the Low and Full mark's useing the HOT Range.

With my '13 Frontier V6 AT, I have a Scangauge that read's the ATF Temperature Sensor's and I can check the ATF @ the Specific Temperature per the Service Manual, which make's it a lot more accurate.

I did add some Lucas AT Additive and that may have helped as well, but make sure that you adjust the Level on the DipStick anytime you add an additive to the Sump. Lucas was recommended to me by a Transmission Shop.

Somebody may advise you to Flush the ATF System, but I wouldn't do that unless it become's Absolutely Necessary, cause it may cause it to start Slipping. Lucas does have an additive for that as well,, but it may only be a temporary fix and may wind up needing a Rebuild.

Good Luck,
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