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I have a 98 Sentra GXE and it has started having problems and I don't know if it is the transmission or the A/C and what I would be spending to fix it....My car started putting off this awful smell that about suffocated me and I thought it was the A/ uses R134 fluid...but I happen to notice tonight that there is a film on my windows and my rear view mirror which in most cars means transmission trouble....I need some advice on what to check first and how much I should be spending.

Thanx everyone


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Your car seems too new to be having the heater core go out, but I'd check your coolant level. If it's low then I'd blame the heater core. When they go bad it smells bad and it smells syrupy in the car and, you'd have a sticky film on the glass. That's my guess based on what you've said. If your car is driving okay I wouldn't suspect any tranny problems at all. And if your A/C is cooling the car down, then that's not a problem either.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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