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Going to change my transmission oil in a manual 98 N15 pulsar, couldn't find any gl-4 80-90 oil at repco or supercheap shops, closest i've found is Fuschs titan rx80. It's a gl-4 oil, but it's SAE-80W not 80-90 which is recommended.

Will using sae-80 be fine, or should I endeavor to find some mtl-90(not too keen on the price $100+ vs $50).
Ultimately if the rx80 isn't going to damage the geabox, and will preform well I'd like to use it. however if it's not good then i'll spend more to get to correct oil.

from the fusch website:

"TITAN Gear RX 80
A transmission lubricant suitable for use in most manual transmissions where improved low temperature gear shift is required. Can be used in the manual transmission of most manufacturers, including Mitsubishi, Nissan, Ford, GMH, Toyota and Mazda. Suitable for use in most front wheel drive vehicles.
SAE 80W API GL-3/GL-4"
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