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4th gear is direct drive...

Thus, it does not need the "cluster gear". I had my manual tranny rebuilt in my '87 Pathfinder (2.4L, 5-speed) and all was well for about 3 months, roughly 2000 miles. Then one day while driving normally down the highway, SNAP-it popped outta 3rd and would act like Cobalt said his did, NOTHING! So I found it would go in 4th, locked-in the hubs and limped it back home in low-4th. I still move it around the yard occassionally, when I mow, riding the clutch in 4th gear (3 years later). Only reason I haven't taken on the challenge is the fact that I am innexperienced with 4 wheel drives and, although I removed and re-installed the transmission last time, I nearly broke my arm when the torsion bar gave and smacked me good and solid!

I have seen the half-moon key in the primary shaft. And I understand the cluster and its functions, just been afraid I would do more harm than good I guess. But yes, because there was no warning and still is no noise or grinding in the trans. I think it may well be that the key that holds the cluster has worked free and come out. I'll let you know when I get into it. Til then, glad to have found this forum!
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