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Just had the same problem with my 97. 4th gear works because it is connected direct. It is common for the key to fail in these trucks
Automotive Nissan FS5W71 Transmission illustrated parts drawings assiting you in identification of correct parts.

Part #65
Yep, heres a few pics of mine. I did alot of towing in 5th gear and mauled up the woodruff keys....

Picasa Web Albums - J. Mark - 95 Nissan Pic...
Picasa Web Albums - J. Mark - 95 Nissan Pic...

However I could still drive mine, and all the gears worked. Mine would just shimmy and shake bad in 5th gear. When you say you can only use 4th gear...what do the other gears do? You just can't shift into them? If thats the case I think maybe other issues. If its a free truck, I take it, pull the trans out and see whats going on...could be something not so serious...either way you drop a rebuilt trans in it for a grand and u'v got a decent little truck...
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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