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hello guys, new to this site and found that is very good.
i own an 1989 pathy 3.0 v6 and i was wondering where is the transmission fluid temperature sensor located? i think maybe is in bad condition because the pathy won´t go further than 55 mph at very high revs, it´s like the transmission is stuck on 3rd gear, but when i slow down the transmission shift normally, like from 0 to 31 mph (i hope you can understand because my english is very poor), the trasnmission never spilled fluid trasnmission and this happend when i was on the highway at normal speed 74 mph and then suddenly the pathy won´t go further that 55 mph and the engine is on 4000rpm, i guess is a bad sensor? transmission blowed up? electrical problem?, i must say that the rev counter is working properly but the speed counter is dead and i was looking the transmission and there is a wire on the transmission side cut off. hope you can help.
tanhks in advance
ps: here in south america ( chile) the transmission repair are exxtremely high cost$$$ so i want to look out all the possible causes before thinking on get a new transmission that is more expesive than a new ( 89) pathy.
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