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Changed the fluid and filter in the 03 Xterra. Drove it for one day. Everything was working great. The next day it would not move in drive (fluid level was fine). It still works fine in first, second, and reverse. I assume I have done something wrong. So I removed the pan and filter again. When I removed the filter, I noticed the filter oring was half missing. I am not sure if it was cut upon install or just a poor part. I then replaced the filter and oring with a new one. The drive gear thing is still a problem. Since I did not find the missing oring in the oil I drained or the filter i removed...I assume it is stuck somewhere in the transmission. The question is where? The second question is what parts need to be removed to get to the problem? Does anyone out there have any ideas in regard to this problem? I hate to take it to the tranny shop $$$$.

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