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I'm thinking about trading my '05 LE for a new Quest.
The X-Trail's great but w/ two kids and a dog it's only just big enough for our needs. It's about crammed full almost every time we take it out. We can get by with it but it sure would be nice to have more space.
I heard through the grapevine yesterday that there are some nice incentives on remaining '08 Quests now: $2000 + $2000 cashback and free DVD.
So, if you were to buy said vehicle it would be about $8000 off list (if you hammer out a deal worth $2000 more off of sticker). Not bad.
Trouble is our X-Trail's only worth what we still owe so getting into a Quest even with the incentives would mean a bigger payment or at least a longer term. Not something I'm prepared for. Then there's fuel to think about: 2.5L vs. 3.5L. At 500kms a week that's going to mean a bigger fuel bill too. Not something I'm prepared for. Did I mention the two kids?
My heart's telling me to jump and get into a Quest now but my mind's telling me to stay the course and pay off the X-Trail - and that's probably what I'll do.
For anyone in the same sort of situation though pulling the trigger on a new Quest might make sense now.
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