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lhwilkey said:
I have a 93 G20 and I'm changing the connecting rod bearings. I need the specifications for torquing the nuts on the connecting rods. Any help?
G20 came with the factory service manual in the trunk behind one of the panels. You'll find the information in that.

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The B14 FSM says:

Apply new engine oil to threads and seat surfaces.
1) Tighten nuts to 10-12 ft-lb
2) Turn all nuts 60 to 65 degrees clockwise. If an angle wrench is not available, tighten nuts to 28 to 33 ft-lb.

Measure connecting rod side clearance:
Standard: 0.0079 - 0.0138 in (0.20 - 0.35 mm)
Limit: 0.0197 in (0.0197 in.)
If beyond the limit, replace connecting rod and/or crankshaft.

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