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What oil are you using? If sounds appear only with hot engine then your oil may have reached enf of it's lifetime. Viscosity and other properties might be something toatally else than supposed to be.

I have hear from many people that Castrol magnatec 5w40 would be good basic oil to GA so it's next thing I'm gonna try. And if you want very high performance oils, then castrol has some great products for this too and redline is another good one but best one at the moment might be... ammm... kendal. Though it might be close to redline too...

there are options for high quality oils I have recearhed lately. :)

And reason why noise migth occur on warm or hot engine could be because of too low viscosity oil so oil pressure will be too low and hydraulic tensioners might not be working properly... for example.

try to change oil to some very good one and remember to change filter at the same time.

- No-Pain -
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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