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I looked at the "Clutch" install pictures on the site. What "special tools" should I need ? I'm going to need
a good floor jack and Jack Stands. A Torque wrench and breaker
A set of metric wrenches and sockets. Should I look for a specific set or style of sockets . Six point sockets vs. 12 points?

Looks like I will need two days and a friends help. I should probably rent a "transmission jack" also.

Bob in Orlando

91 S13 190k on engine
135k on the clutch

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i always use 6 point because i like the greater surface area. especially when breaking bolts that have been on the car for a while.
a tranny jack is a plus. but not a must. you can get it done either way, but the T, jack will cradle the tranny and make life easier.

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a slide hammer , a clutch alignment tool, and a pilot bearing remover and all can be rented at autozone
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