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Hi to all.
I have an 100NX 16V 1992. She is the carb version. She's done only 50,000 miles. I have a problem with fuel usage.
I am only doing about 25 to the gallon. She idles badly when hot & hunts between 1000 & 1100 RPM. When cold she sits at 650 RPM.
I have changed the soloniod in the carb thinking this would cure the prob but to no avail.
I suspect the bi-metal spring may have broken in the choke but have not had time to look yet.
Any thoughts would be gratefully received.
Cheers all, Rich.

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Just to add to this, so you peeps know what I am about, all this upgradin' & hotwirin is sooooo far over my head it gives me vertigo. I love this little brum cos I have only ever had boring family saloons all my life so this is like a bloody Ferari to me. Shit, I dont even know how to spell Ferreri. :D
I am trying to set it up without spending ANY money on it at all, & so far failing bloody badly.
So I is just saying dont laugh or nothing cos I am serious about my little car...........but not THAT serious.;)
Cheers all,
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