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Im working on my newly acquired 95 Pickup v6 4x4 handed down from my brother. Got the broken tranny replaced which, shocks and some minor tune ups. I even adjusted the torsion bar to level out the front suspension to make it look better.

The tires mounted are 30x9.5x15 mounted on 15x7 stock wheels. The truck looks great now except for these tires, they look like pizza slicers! I want to make the tire looks a lil bit fatter than the ones I have.

MY question is what maximum tire size can be mounted on the stock 15x7 rims without affecting the suspension travel and steering movement and without the need for any body or suspension lift. Will a 32x10.5x15 work? or a 33x10.3x15?
Im a total newbie and would really appreciate all your help.

Best Regards,

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