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Tire Size - anyone running a 205/50/15?

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I know the recommended size for a 15" wheel is 195/50/15, just curious if anyone has runthe 205 size with any success?
I was looking at the clearances front and back on the car today, the only place I can see it rubbing is on the swaybar at full lock.
Actually, when you pull the wheel at full lock, my 185/60/14's will graze the swaybar as it is.

BTW, I'm looking at the BFG G-force KDW as the tire.
It's the "new tread" design. nasty looking tire, supposed to preform very well in the rain.
They just don't make it in the 195 size.
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get good quality spacers... mesure the gap with the fender. the problem i had with my 15"s was that they were rubbing agains the back fender and plastic engine splash shield in front. the offset of the wheel isnt good for this application.
I'll have to double check, but my 15's have a 38mm or 40mm offset ? I went with the 195/50/15's. My tires are close in the rear of the car right where the tire sits near the lower spring perch of the rear strut. If i switch up to the 205/50/15, i am certain i'll need a spacer. :rolleyes:

Do you know the offset of your wheels ?
if you got 15x7 its not bad... i got 16x7.5 with 43mm offset and got about 2mm of clearance on the rear shocks... im adding 5mm spacer to the back. the front seemed ok.
I'm running a 205/50/15 in back and it's fine. but then I have a pulsar so I don't know if that helps you or not.
I have either 195/60 or 205/60's on my sentra and I only rubbed on my rear strut till it trimmed the excess rubber off :thumbup:
The wheels I'm looking at are the Motegi MR7 in Gunmetal.
They're a +35 offset.
If anything a small spacer should be all I need.
and for a 88 pulsar xe?

If I get 15" motegi's would I be able to fit 205's?
I ran 205/40 16's with minimal probs.
Got a line on some 17's. Anyone here have any luck with 17's? My buddy was running them on his Civic. The stockies are the same size as the coup. 195/60 14.
The 205/40/16 is only 22.4" tall, but it is wider than stock.
Stock tire height is 22.8"
If you go 17's, you'll need to go 215/35/17
and probably some sort of spacer.
The only one I have found in that size is a Pirelli
BTW, the stock size in the coupe is 185/60/14.
looking for tire sizes right now

Sixways said:
I'm running a 205/50/15 in back and it's fine. but then I have a pulsar so I don't know if that helps you or not.
What size rim are you using and what is your offset? I'm trying to find this info for my car right now.
sorry I don't know what the offset is but I do belive that the width is 6.5 or such. They are volkswagon rims from a carrado i belive.
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