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Hi All
I wanted to share with all in this forum on the mention topic
cos I benefitted alot over the years from here.
I hope its helps.

Parts needed:
Clutch Cover from Honda Civic ESI D16 SOHC1.6L(212mm)
Pressure Plate from SR20DE NX2K,SER etc...(215mmx18T)
clutch bearing use back stock one.

The original flywheel to be skimmed slightly cos the contact area now is much bigger.
6 new bolt holes are needed to be drilled onto the flywheel to match the Honda clutch cover.
(PLS get pros to do this cos the balancing of the flywheel is IMPT)
The PP need to be shave slightly(1mm)one the outer area as it is slightly too big for the cover.u will understand it when u place them together.
I got 4puck disc so the above step is not required.puck types is slightly smaller.

***I got this info from a pro selling clutches.I wanted to purchase the racing clutch for GA16 and he told me this better method.He said ppl in his country all use this method cos it holds much better,last longer and also more choice of aftermarket product.

pls be carefully of the clutch cable as it will snap more often if u decided to use very heavy duty clutch will be very safe if u use oem ones.
The pedals is slightly(10%)stiffer on oem ones.

I am very impressed with the results.
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