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So you know how the the timing chain makes a lot of noise on startup if you haven't run your truck for a few days, right? Normally it goes away after a few seconds. Well, yesterday morning, I start up the truck (first time in a week), and the noise kicks in loud. But right before it settles down I hear a *crack* and then a bunch of extra stuff rattling around. After a couple seconds, the noise settles down, the engine goes to a regular 800 rpm idle, and the truck runs fine. I drive to work, but when I get to a light, I notice some rattling sounds from the engine whenever it's at 800 rpm (but it goes away immediately when I give it the least bit of throttle). The rattle just sounds like something is loose. i originally thought it was the exhaust manifold, but the sound seems to be coming from the front of the engine.

Since I've got 165,000 miles on the timing chain, I'm guessing one of the guides is the culprit, and I might as well just replace the chain, tensioners, etc. Any other ideas on diagnosing the problem before I order $300 worth of parts and take apart the entire front section of my engine?
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