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Timing Chain Tensioner help

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Im replacing my headgasket on my 87 Pickup..i know i let the chain slip down a little when i took the sprocket off the cam, so know for a fact the tensioner has to be reset, but not sure if it completely fell apart or if i could do what one guy did on here with a long wood drill bit and push the tensioner back..i have taken the head all the way off and cleaned the area for the new gasket but i thought for a try, see if i can get the sprocket back on..with some effort and prying the sprocket up with the chain on it, i can get it back on the cam when i dont have the gasket on or bolted down the head.. so how would i know if the timing chain tensioner fell apart?....another question, how would i get the crank bolt loose with an automatic transmission?..i cant think of any ideas on what to try to get that bolt loose..
sorry for the long story..
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The crank bolt will come out easily with an impact wrench. If you don't have one, pull the tranny dust cover and put a prybar into the teeth on the flywheel ring gear. Then your best friend can break the bolt loose with a socket and a breaker bar.
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