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hey guys i bought a 1990 240sx from a friend of mine who collects them and the only problem was that the timing chain broke but none of the internals were damaged. so i went through the steps of removing everything to get to it but my instructions say to remove the distributer and now that im trying to get the cam gear into topdeadcenter all the instructions say something about looking at thew distributor rotor. anybody know another way? or something i can do

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Since you removed the chain assembly, at this point remove the distributor, oil pump and the cam.

To set the cam timing, remove all the spark plugs and manually turn the crank pulley by hand until the block timing pointer at the front pulley is pointing to the ZERO mark on the pulley. The #1 piston is now sitting at TDC. Install the cam. The keyways for the crank and cam sprockets should be at the 12 o'clock position. Now look at the lower end of the timing chain for the chain mating mark which should be at the crankshaft sprocket gear mark; 5 o'clock position. The top end of the timing chain mating (silver) mark should be at the sprocket gear mark; 3 o'clock position.

Make sure the engine is NOT TURNED from this point on until everything is reassembled.

At this point you are ready to install the oil pump and distributor. The oil pump uses a shaft to turn the distributor. Insert this shaft onto the oil pump with the punch mark on the shaft lining up with the hole on the oil pump (below gear). Install pump/shaft to block. When installed the end of the shaft will look like a "D", when looking into the distributor hole while standing at the drivers side front wheel well. Actually, it (the "D") will be more of a "11:45 o'clock" position, NOT quite "12:00"; if not, then remove, and reinstall until the above position is obtained.

Determine the #1 plug wire location on the distributor cap. Mark that location on the distributor body. Now insert the distributor into the block so that the rotor ends up pointing to the mark you put on the side of the distributor body. You now are timed close to correct; you should be able to start the motor.
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