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hope this is the problem as it seems simple to fix, i got a 99 ga16 with 120k miles, the problem is when i gas the car especially going uphill at low rpms (auto and around 2500) the engine has a sound that i can only describe as what a roller coaster sounds like going up the very first hill,

can anyone tell me if this sounds like the timing chain guide or something worse

akso i have another prob with same car, maybe it isnt a prob??
when i am going slow in a parking lot cruising around in second then i slow down for cars or a speedbump the car shifts hard down to first, any ideas
Most likely the timing chain tensioner. Total cost is about $50 to fix. Search for this, there is a complete walk through. Check your tranny fluid and see if it's low. If not, has it been changed? Is it dark in color or pink?

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