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Timing Belt / Water Pump Job - Parts Required

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Hi all,

My 1995 Nissan 200sx has been overheating and shutting off. I have changed various sensors, thermostat, fuel pump and the car still overheats.
When I run the car I can feel one side of the coolant hoses cool to the touch, while the other is hot; therefore, I conclude the water is not circulating.
I am now going to change my timing belt and water pump hoping this fixes my problem.

Please let me what else I should change while changing my timing belt and pump.


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If one side of the radiator hoses is hot while the other side is cold, that's indicative of a plugged up radiator, not a bad water pump.
I have an overheating problem too. Coolant leaks out the pipes after driving for about 15-20kms. Major leak comes from right behind the engine also.
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