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Time to say goodbye

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The time for me to say goodbye to my company

i been part of the community for over 4-5 years providing and doing my best to help out this community but the time for me to say goodbye for i am closing down the site the shop everything.

The official statement now is that i will be closing my website effective end of year 2008.

this action is due to lack of fundage time and energy to keep running everything. but mainly is because i have to focus on what is more important in my life right now.. my family and my little boy.

I will no longer be a parts provider anymore nor sell anything else other than personal items. I will still lurk around the forums but will no longer be driving the nissan anymore by next year.

I am grateful for all the people that supported me and all the friend i made along the way to the admin teams for all they have done. This is one of the most hardest thing i have to do but i feel that in the long terms it will be most beneficial for me.

So from now till end of the year i will no longer be selling any HID kits anymore for they usually take too long to arrive and the headlights and such will still be available till the end of the year.

Thanks again everyone and sorry for the long rant!

Happy Holidays to you all !
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Lui, u are my asian brother from another mother,father but i will miss luispeedtuning.. I wanted to do a lot of the stuff u made on my sentra but i had to part ways with it.. now i got even more of a headache with the alty se-r but i shall keep in touch.
I never would have thought it would boil down to this... BUT priorities do take over and that is that. Good luck to you YihShyue. Im sure we will see ya online and what not and you have my IM info. Have a Merry Christmas and great New Year holmes..
this sucks DNE loses a sponsor and a good lil homie ,but i must say I understand i hope you find the golden egg my brotha

Dang man, well look at it this way. Kinda like corporate restructuring. If thats your passion you'll find a way to make it and bring it back in the future.
Thanks for the hookup on the 2 HID kits. That was a killer deal. I only used you once, but you were a great seller.

I wish the best to you and your family.

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