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You have a source? So far the searching I've done hasn't hit on one for my 96 HB.

I"d like to find a performance kit (exhaust/intake) - bolt on.

What happens to fuel management system once you start making changes to the intake and exhaust systems? Anything have to happen to the ECU to compensate for the changes?

Thanks -
autopartswarehouse had some, i think they were borla.
i tore the flex pipe and got a local shop to do a custom exhaust from there back with a magnaflow for the same price. i gained a little torque at the bottom end. with these little motors i think the only way to really change the sound is cherrybomb (i once had one on a samurai) a fart can or bigger valves. the trick with custom exhaust is don't go too big or too small so the motor breaths freely but still skavanges.
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