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well I know that this is going to be a little weird getting posted in the nissan forums.. but just remember I still own my B13 and am nissan all the way through...

anyways... a buddy of mine had a 1980 honda Civic CVCC.. that he was going to get rid of.. but instead of getting rid of it.. we decided to make it our budget racer ( mainly autocross). anyways, we raced it last weekend, and it didnt do too bad... half way through the weekend we gutted the enitre car, so it bumped us up into a class that we shouldnt have been in but oh well..

what i am getting at is I need some ideas to help us do better on the track..and some exterior styling ideas and maybe just some stupid ideas that would be kool and fun to do to the car.. we have a welder and torch and basically every tool, so there kinda is no limit...

for example yesterday we cut the springs ( I know.... bad but remember we are budget here and it isnt a daily driver).... soon we are going to fabricate some strut tower bars and maybe some under chassis bracing...

we are still lookign for if you guys have any ideas please feel free to let me know.... thanks
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