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Time for new brakes

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:( Yes, I can already hear the grinding on the rear passenger side. What do you all recommend for replacing the brake pads? Should I go OEM or are there better brake pads out there?

Edit: Sean, with all those miles on your car, have you had to replace the brakes?
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Coco said:
Doesn't sound right to me at all, but I can hear the grinding and the pad looks about gone..who knows, maybe it's me. But I couldn't believe I already needed brakes :confused:
CoCo, 4 year old car, new pads and calipers. Maybe even rotors. I have a couple in my garage from when I had my trio of 94 Altys. They were turned once but still within tollerance.

They are two piece if they are the same as the 94. Rotor is about $40us new here. I can change them in my sleep. The calipers may only need new sliders or just lube.
wild willy said:
hidden warranties HAHAHAHHAH The do not want to honor the obvious ones;)
I won my battle with the Dealer but that is because I am Loved....
That is exactly what the Service Manager said. I`m still laughing also. I now have to go back to the origional assessment of "My Nissan Dealer is the Best".

BTW: I can`t reach U by E...........rat!
Hardcore said:
Nissan did have problems with brake pad material and they know it, They've come out with several updated brake pads lately, But getting them to kick down might not be that easy. Brake pad manufactures are being forced to go with organic materials, which is softer causing premature brake pads wear. Thank our govement for that.
Doesn`t Nissan(and many others) claim that by using a softer organic material, the rotors will last considerably longer, albeit the pads have to be changed frequently. The Cost will balance Out. I have no problem with that?:cool:
Hardcore said:
Ya they've had a lot of complaints about brake pad wear. It drives service managers crazy, cause they got to deal with the customer heat. They got to tell ya something?;)
Right on, I was sold on it and so others probably will:D It does sound feasible, considering you can change your own pads(if the rotors don`t have to be touched)in 40 minutes or less in your own garage.
Coco said:
shia right...ain't got $1800 for brakes mang! donations are accepted though! :D
After my Birthday cash is all in, I`ll send you some Coco, OK?:rolleyes: :D
Coco said:
You da man, RAT!!! I knew you'd come through after all!!!
Pretty much received all the cash I`m going to get Coco, I had to buy Captain Morgan and beer nuts and some coke. I didn`t waste any money on hats or candles etc.

I said I would split with you so send me $25 bucks and that will be half. OK:D :p
Re: Re: Time for new brakes

Did you ever find any AM pads?
Slow down ED, you are a real Posr Ho. You will really wear out those brakes when you stop.
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