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Hi all. Own a 2002 SE-R 111000 miles. All stock. Have a ticking under the hood, Thought it was a heat shield at first cause it only did it once in a while.
Had to replace tailpipe and muffler too, (hit a trackertrailer tire) so i just thought is was something from that. Sounded like it was coming from under the car. While Friday head the tailpipe replaced and the noise was still there. So i went over to my Dads and put the car on ramps to get a look while he reved the car, Nothing. Heard what was coming from uinder the hood, Got a sick feeling, you know that feeling. Tickin from right behind the front seal, And only adible when you put her inder stress. If i am cruising no noise, Getting on the interstate up to speed, ticking, level off at the speed limit, no ticking. Just put 600 into her last week and now i know this will be another 600 if not more. Is this a lifter problem, or valve. Not a lot of knowledge with cars so talk slowly please. LOL.
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