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This story starts out rolling through a small town where railroads serviced the majority of the industries. Somewhere in Eastern Illinois the building is at least four stories and used to employ half the town. Shoes were made there. I’ve been by at least four other similar buildings that made shoes, all closed long ago. This is just one product that was made locally and used locally. I’m sad right now because I cannot think of other types of products that used to be produced here in this country. The other day I tried to buy a new toilet to replace my old one. The area I was shopping absolutely did not have any American made available. I know they still make toilets in this country Mansfield is just one company that does I did purchase a toilet but I had to get it 300 miles North. For some reason I just cannot get away from my main thoughts of why latter 2008 and beginning 2009 are so gloom. I really feel that basic production that employs most anyone ,where they can make stuff i.e., shoes brooms, clothes etc., is the root of our problems. What is your job? If you’re a government employee your playing what I call “take away” We can survive without your services unless you’re willing to swap your computer for a weapon. So if you’re a Govt. employee what do you produce? Farmers, as everyone knows produce “give back”

I believe when you have a country that tilts the scales where “take away” is 80% and give back is 20%. Someone is going broke the people , the country, the will, the hope.

=== This was not written by me (nissanman7166). I saw this and thought it'd be an interesting opinion to pass on and I fully agree with it.... DESPITE THE FACT THAT I OWN A FOREIGN VEHICLE --WHICH I BOUGHT FOR THE QUALITY NOT A CHEAPER PRICE-- there is a difference... I would definitely buy an american made car if they could compare to the quality of nissan and toyota, etc.:idhitit:
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