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Hey guys! New member here.

I made the mistake of reading some of these letters I've been getting in the mail from dealerships wanting me to trade in my current car and now I'm itching to get something new. The snow has got me thinking about a small to medium sized SUV with AWD this time around. I've been checking out the Rogues, as well as Mazda's CX5 and both the Santa Fe and Tucson from Hyundai.

I'd love to hear from anybody who's had a 2021 Rogue for a little while now and hear your likes and dislikes. Also any recommendations on trim levels and packages -- I've kind of been leaning towards either the SV with the Premium Package or the SL (with or without it's higher end package.) I've heard different things from a couple salesmen about which trim levels include wireless car play and charging.

I ended up going all out on my last car. I wanted navigation and to get that I had to get the rest of the bells and whistles that I really didn't need. That's not so much of a concern now that car play has come along a ways and I can use my phone to navigate most of the time. I don't think I really need to top of the line package this time around.
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