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NickZac said:
Those rotors are almost SURELY machine drilled by a third party, and not by Brembo. They are Brembo OE rotors. Simply said, a lot of that shit on ebay looks too good to be true, and it is. PowerSlot has used bad machine shops to sell the idea that drilled rotors are the devil, when in fact they are fine unless you are an absolute track junky. Now, everyone and their dog are saying "Dont get drilled rotors!". It was an excellent campaign by PowerSlot, and they sell a boatload of rotors now because of it. While they make a good rotor, there are better.

I would check TPM rotors as they are of excellent quality and very affordable. Now I just checked price on StopTech direct replacements for your car; at about $160 for the front rotors in either slotted or drilled, your pic. I would go with StopTech all the way. As far as pads, I have heard mixed things about the Metal Masters and they are not a pad I would personally run. IMO ceramic-carbon pads are the best all around. Hawk, Carbotech, and a few others make them.
x2, we sell rotors by Brembo/Rotora/AEM/Baer/SSBC/Power Slot where I work and a lot of people are masquerading thier rotors as namebrand stuff on eBay. Plus they aren't that expensive from an authorized distributor to start with (140-200 with us depending on brand/style). Add 50-60 for pads and your set. StopTech is good too (from what I hear). As far as pads, everyone's opinion is all over the place. I like the Axxis carbon/Kevlar, my friend uses hawk in his AE86.
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