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Thought I'd give you guys first choice

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I got my 89 240sx for sale. I originally was asking 2000, for everything (i'll explain more in a second) I dropped it to 1500. I'm actually losing money but I'm not worried about it anymore.

the car is an 89 240sx. Originally auto, now a five speed (stainless steel clutch line, not the factory one), S14 SR20DE installed, Spare Sr20DET engine (disassembled). S14 is ready to run, car just needs a battery, and the wiring harness to be installed, I've got everything sitting in my room, but don't have time anymore. The Spare engine has everything, except, turbo, exhaust manifold, ECU, and ignitor. I was in the stages of building the Spare. I'm also including my triple beam S13 conversion (not complete, needs hood, and bumper.)

I'm leaving it on the forums until one week from today. May 28th, I'll be posting it on ebay. I just thought I give you guys first choice. Email me for pictures. I'll post some this evening, when I get home from Work.
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man i'd love to help you out and get it from you, but my car hasn't ran in almost 6 months now, and i'm always broke. it sucks you gotta sell it, but like i said before i've got too many things to work out before i should even think about getting another car. best of luck to you bro.
Ah it's cool. I though someone on the forums would want first dibs at it before I decide to put it on ebay. Just kinda lost the passion to work on it ya know? I'm about to be finished with grad school, and just have different priorities now.
yea man, i know what you're saying. it just sucks to have to let something go that you've put so much time and money into.

time, money, and love for my Darcy is the only reason i havent sold my 240....

I was offered 4g's for mine about 2 months ago and i didnt accept just because of how much i love my 240...

just to let you know it's only worth about a grand...... 190 thousand miles with timing chain noise and some other minor problems. hopefully i can scrounge the rest of the cash to do a complete rebuild on my ka and convert it to a ka24det
you'll really enjoy the KA-t. Friend of mine has his ka built with a GT35R turbo, very nice pull, and not too laggy either.

oh hell yeah if i can take some preludes with a shit stock engine then once i build it ill be takin some corvettes..... only if i get stage 3 internals with a damn nice turbo kit.

These are some of the pics. The swap needs to be finished (ie, interior)

(not bad pics for a walkman 810i cellphone. :) )
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