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Ok so yea.. I am thinking of buying a 240sx and its in good condition except two things:

1) The guy who had it before the guy I might buy it off of had a push button start and it stopped working so the only way to start it is to touch the wires. The ignition switch still "works" so to speak but its not connected. How would I go about fixing this? Do I just solder a few wires or what?

2) The original owner also put on some coilovers but I am told they are off the S13 rather than the S14. The current owner says it rides stiff and makes a springy noise at times. This sounds pretty normal for coilovers to me though. Is the suspension different from the S13 and S14? I also dont even see S13 coilovers fitting on a S14 period if they dont have the same suspension. I don't quite understand this one.

He wants $2000 for the car but I am gonna try to talk him down a bit and get those things fixed. My only REAL concern is the starting issue. the coilovers are an easy fix and can be done eventually but not too mandatory atm.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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