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Thinkin bout gettin a 90 300ZX N/A

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I know I already posted it in the ZX forums but Im going to post it here too.

I was offered to buy a 90 300ZX N/A w/ 166k on the clock. It has a body kit which is broken but fixable, upgraded exhaust, neon ground effects, nice audio system, and some other small things. It doesnt have many engine mods. No CAI or headers. It has a very nice interior for the age and mileage. What I am wantin to know is how should I offer for it. I was thinking about offering 2500 because of the high mileage and the guy who has it because he is 20 and we all know how guys that age like to rip a car around. Right now, he is Iraq and he said he wanted to get another car. I dont know why. I think it was because of the starting problems.

So what does everybody think? This is going to be my first car. I have already checked out insurance and its going to be about around 70 dollars a month for me. I found that pretty good for me in a sports car. Should I go for it? I really need a car that will get me from a to b while still looking cool.
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