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Milla said:
I want a WRX but im also lookin at the nes spec v. Ive always liked nissan but they never made any good cars here in america besides the 300zx
Most of them were not made in the US, especially the 'Z'. They were imported.

The Sentra SE-R is an excellent car with great potential and it was built here in Tennessee. The Maxima has had the best V-6 in it's class for several years now.

The NX2000 was imported from Japan. The Pathfinder was imported. The Maxima is imported. The G20 is/was imported. The G35 is imported. The Q45 is imported. Etc.

In recent times though, most of the US spec Nissan's are being built here or there are plkans to build them here.

The new Maxima will be built here. The new Altima is built here. The Exterra and Frontier are built here. The Sentra is built here.

Anyhow, back on topic. The WRX is an awesome car, but for the price you can not pass up looking at, test driving, and possibly owning a new Sentra SE-R or SE-R Spec-V. Best priced!
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