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heh, as far as what you're looking for, not a damn clue....but it sounds like a sweetass setup...lemme know how it turns out! (i can get shuttle computers cheap, and that'd be a cool thing to have heh)

only suggestion i can offer is from experience. i helped a buddy of mine do a car-puter in his 99 Alero...we fiberglassed the keyboard (a mini one) into the drivers side visor, and did your run of the mill 7inch LCD in the dash (those oldsmobiles have an assload of space). the only thing he ever had issues with was the mouse. we made a fiberglass/MDF tray for the mouse, that was basically a 14"x18" board that had a fiberglass boxes glued to the bottom of it so it'd sit inside his center console when it was open, basically giving him a small desk. we also added a USB splitter (in the map pocket) so he could plug in a full size keyboard if he wanted, or a digital camera, or almost anything else.

just some ideas

good luck with this man
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