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sr20dem0n said:
I dont need to hear more setups.

I've been into car audio for 11 years and i've won my share of trophies

so I know what i'm doing
length of experience hardly dictates knowledge or skill

But anyway about this woofer. It handles 1200 watts!!
that comment alone shows that you don't know what you're talking about. That's a 300 watt sub, the 1200 peak rating is marketing propaganda that has absolutely no relation to how much power the sub can take at any one instant or continuous, or how loud it can get.

Ive heard all the subs out there, kicker, JL, pioneer, Kenwood, you name it I've heard it
it sounds like you've heard everything at car toys/tweeter, but you do realize there is a world outside of the local crap right? Do the names Sinfoni, Genesis, or Butler ring a bell? Or how about less exotic companies like DLS, Tru, Brax, or Rainbow? If not you may want to pull your head out of the clouds and open your eyes.

Just because the cone doesnt travel far doesnt mean it doesnt hit hard
in a sealed box, like the one you were referring to in your first post, the displacement of the cone has EVERYTHING to do with output, it is the sole dictator of output in fact, nothing else has any impact except for room/car acoustics, which will be the same for every sub you stick in there. In a ported setup, provided you have the power required to push the sub to full excursion then again, displacement is the most important factor in SPL. If you don't have the kilowatts required to do this around tuning then it depends more on the cone area and motor force, but the cone area of that sub is no different than any other 12" sub and the motor force is actually weaker than most of the other mainstream subs out there.

Do more research before you knock something.
you could say I've done that
i really have come to learn since i've been into cars and car audio that age and experience have nothing to do with common sense and knowledge. i'm constantly blown away by the idiocies of nissan techs at the local dealerships.

i too would have liked to jump in and call the bluffs of 'silverstallion' but it was already done. with class i might add.
my treo ss 12 owns joo all :thumbup:

stay tuned for the next battle....
silverstallion attempts to argue that class d is better for sq than class ab.

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