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Oh Noes!
A $5000 stereo in a $12,000 car!

Man, what an idjit I am.. and it only got me onto the podium at IASCA Finals in 2000...

Even worse...
a $10,000 stereo in a $12,000 car..

So umm yeah... keep talking about who's driving a POS and who's got what in it..

That Pioneer sub is inefficient, has almost zilch for excursion, doesn't handle much power, and due to the shape of the cone it simply CAN'T sound good. all of those bumps and ridges totally FUBAR the wavefront coming off the cone.

just those factors alone will keep me from buying one- even for $50.

and stop trying to talk about who knows what around here... Some of us have been more places in car audio than you can ever dream of..

5 yrs ago, I knew my stuff.. I haven't messed much with the industry while I was going to school (electrical engineering, specializing in solid state design and power electronics, so that I can design and build amplifiers.)... The car audio industry has left my system in the dust. my PPI/ODR/Focal setup is nothing compared to the best stuff out there now. I'll still keep my PPI Art Series amps will I die, but the speakers are going out as soon as I can afford some better ones.
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