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wow silverstallion, you are beyond naive. Adam handed you your ass and your still around here? Bashing peoples cars i might add. I also take OFFENSE to the sentra comment, I bought my 98 Sentra when i was 16....and it cost me 5500, not 500, and yes I paid for it myself. Why didnt I buy a better car? I couldnt afford one at the time. Car audio became my passion after i bought it, so you need to get off our nuts about it. I'm sure I could say a few things about frontiers, but i wont because im not going to stoop to your level.

Do everyone a favor, take your "11 years of experience" and go somewhere else. I bet you have never even heard of half the equipment in our setups. FYI, Sr20dem0n, Jasper, and I are about sound quality as well, so the "SPL isnt everything" part of your post is the only thing i can agree with you on
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