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As a proud owner of a spankin new Spec V, I'd have to say that the SE-R is one of the best kept secrets in the import scene (old or new). I used to own a 97 Civic, thought I was all that with a intake/header/exhaust mod. Then I realized that I can't even beat a Buick even if my life depend on it.

It finally hit me when I got smoke by my friends 91 Integra. I went out to a Nissan dealer and got a loaded Spec V.

Last night around 11pm (this is in Kansas, lots of open road), I creeped up to my friend's integra after we hang out and smacked him by 3 car lengths (after he did his rev rev VTEC thing with a head start). He then tries to blow by me from behind after I hit the brakes so his integra can catch up. Double-Clutched into 3rd going 55mph and pulled away AGAIN, this time I kept on going til he looked like a little star in the sky. Satisfied with the kill, I cruise along unchallenged by him.

Then some unmarked Ford truck of some sort was coming up fast behind me. At first I thought it was a cop in an SUV wanting a few words. But when this thing changed lanes, I knew he wasn't, he just wanted some.

Down shift to 3rd again and pulled on this Red Neck like theres no tommorow. We hit a stoplight and he ALSO did his rev rev thing. I did a soft launch knowing the amount of wheelspin I'd get with the Spec V. He pulled through my first, then it was all over when I peeled past second and kept on going til I hit 70. Instead of taking it like a man, he rolled up his black tinted windows when the race was over and blew past me wanting more.

I didn't have anything more to prove, a waste 91 if you know what I mean. I'm sharing this cuz I now have a real sports car. Under $20k!!!:D
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