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Sorry this is so long but I feel its important to give a little background.
I was reading the November issue of super street, the article covering the most recent JGTC event had a section about the GT500 class. This class is primarily made up of supras and skyline. The neat thing is that you can use ANY engine in the car as long as it is made by the same company that manufactured the car. The race teams that use supras most often use the 3S-GTE motor (think turbo MR-2), so they can set the motor further back for a much lighter and well balanced race car.
The teams that Nissan sponsors like to use the motor that came in the car. Since Nissan has released the new R35 skyline they are now using a new twinturbo version of the VQ35!!! Nissan has used this racing circut in the past to help develop the RB26DETT motor and the ATTESSA AWD system. Nismo also uses it to develop aftermarket parts.
Word has it that Nissan is using this to develop the motor for the new GTR when it is unleashed in 2004. I have also read that Nissan was considering if the 350z sold well (DUH!) it might bring a turbo version of the car over in 2004 or 05. That would be so cool! I also plan on being finished with college about that time, and I want to get a 350 Z and that would be so much better.

Sorry this post is so long, the journalist in me likes to be over informative when I write.
What do you guys think?

I hope you are all excited as I am about the redirection that Nissan has taken in the past couple of years. I'm on my 3rd Nissan now and I plan to buy nothing but Nissan for the rest of my life.
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