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The infamous fronty exhaust manifold (header)!

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Hi all,
Bought a 2000 nissan fronty 2 1/2 yrs ago with 127xxx now has 147. Anyways been doing so many repairs on the thing! Had the timing belt and serp belt and water pump replaced at 132. Then the rear breaks went. Then the front breaks went. Anyway now I have all new brakes. Damn fronty has so much rust its insane! These things are real rust buckets. Maybe the guy b4 me didn't take that good of care of the paint but I mean its horrible. Rust at every corner. The way they engineered the front door in the bottom corner it rust out quick, thankfully the new fronties have plastic there.
Anyway I have had a manifold crack, well ok 2 cracks for bout 1/2 yr now. The serv. engine light of course went on. I don't want to replace the header as it seems like a big DIY project, maybe too big, not to mention the thing is so rusted the bolts would deffinetly break if trying to torque them. I tried to put some gunk that I bought at an auto store onto the two cracks but its such crap. Anyway can anyone give me any info on replacing the header, cost, or any ideas on how to fix the problem? Any of you get past inspection with a header crack, I have, but not with the serv. engine light on.
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Have you checked the OBD II code to see what it is and if it is related to the cracked manifold? If not, do that first.

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