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Back when i was a a teen my first car was a 83 sentra hatch, over the 4 years i owned the vehicle. I fell in love with the car, so much so i have spent the last 12 years searching the entire country for another after my last one got impounded and i could not recover it from the yard.

So. 4 days ago I find myself on facebook marketplace perusing the vehicles for sale and i came across a b11 hatch. says has service records which in my mind literally could mean anything from a few years to months prior. The pictures i saw of the car was complete and intact still down to the rear privacy deck for the cargo area to the factory floor mats that came with the car in 1984 even the drivers door card pocket. to make the deal even sweeter it was a 5 speed. i literally sold my lexus to buy a 80's sh**box and i cant be happier.

Upon arriving at the salvage yard the car was sitting at i started digging, checking pinch welds, crawling under the car to check for undercoating damage to the front bumper shocks to see if they had been damaged at all. to my surprise everything was good (thought to myself if you dont buy this you will regret it forever like you had when your last one was lost) so i pulled the trigger. basically stole the car from them at the price i purchased it at (no i wont disclose the price or where it came from) started digging around the car, last service was from a well known reputable shop in the town i live in thats still open and has been since the 80's but what intriuged me the most is the tags expired in 2014. the last prior service was in 2008. cool it had been cared for the majority of its life but what i found is absolutely amazing

The car is 100% intact and 100% original and when i say intact i got the dealer warranty card and owners manual for the car from 1984 still in minty condition, At 119k original miles (thats under 5k miles a year if you want to do the math) i found myself an absolute GEM hidden away for the last at minimum 6 years. i even have the original nissan badged keyring (actual leather) and the factory original nissan key and the original first issue plates the car ever had. i was shocked. now i had mentioned service records i literally have service records all they way back to 1988 when the car was originally purchased making me the second owner ever of this rare classic nissan. im probably the luckiest and happiest guy in on the entire planet atm
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