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the best looking 200sx or sentra youve seen

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whats the best looking b14 youve seen,mine would have to be the custom orange 200sx
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I've seen this before, I like it. You can see a bit more info here:

I've seen the back end too, he has custom oval tail lights and that's the only part of the car I don't like. The interior is awesome BTW. It might be riced out and probably slow too, but you gotta realize that it's a show car, and he probably has a ton of awards to back it up. As for the comments about the vents and spoiler. I hope ou realize that on a FWD vehicle, a rear spoiler does nothing. I like spoilers as long as people don't go crazy and turn it into a satellite magnet. I also have the Z3 fenders like him, I think they look pretty damn sweet.

once again there's a fine line between rice and nice and I think this car is still on the nice side of the scale
Re: Re: the best looking 200sx or sentra youve seen

Yosho said:
It's pretty ricey... but at least it's cleanly done.

What front bumper is that? Anyone have any rear pics? I'm curious to see what the rear looks like... it's supposed to have corvette tails on it.
that's the extrme front. I've seen pics of the back but I don't know where to find them. the corvette tails are cleanly done, but they're too big and ugly.
well, it's not exactly smoked. Smoke is like those altezzas that say they're dark but when you see them, they're really just an ugly shade of chrome. The orange car was lucky enough to get the stealth black projectors/corners.
Boromir said:
what if it rains? :)
you just put the top
i totally agree.. and how many people do you see out there with a modded sentra.
I know, my car turns a ton of heads just b/c it's the only nice lookin sentra that you see around here. The only other sentra that I know around here that actually has sumthing is my friend cameron. he has a 98GXE with altezzas, exhaust, and a 55 shot of ZEX. I got a chance to feel the power of the Zex :D
A guy pulled out infront of me. I couldnt stop or react in time to avoid.
man, that almost happend to me today, I was going down I-4 and some ass in a Z28 pulled his front end into my lane. thank god there was no one in the lane on the opposing side. I pulled my car to the sharp right and corrected myself and I missed him by a few inches (at first I thought we scratched). I would swear, I just about maneuvered into the shape of his front end to avoid him (I was going about 50). If it weren't for my suspension setup, my car wouldn't have been able to react to such a turn, the body definately held firm. My front end would have looked exactly like that pic above.

[/end of my little story]
wow, I've never seen your car. not many pics of the interior tho. I can't even see what's inside.
Very nice. I hope that when I get my bluebird swap, I will be able to make mine run in that neighborhood of hp. Do you get alot of traction problems? Anyway, like I said before, I can't stand those corvette tails. they're just to damn huge for the back of that car (reminds me of a horsefly :rolleyes: ). The cottonball thing is stupid indeed; they use it to give the car the appearence that it's doing an AWD if....
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