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the best looking 200sx or sentra youve seen

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whats the best looking b14 youve seen,mine would have to be the custom orange 200sx
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What kind of wheels are on that 200SX?

This is it for me:

I love that body kit. Even though it's $1200 I'm getting it someday......
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BLKSentraSE-l said:
Okay, I like the front lights/grill on that silver car. Any tips/tricks/advice anyone can give me on how exactly to pull that off? What parts are needed...etc. etc.
The grille is stock for a 95-97 Sentra or 200SX. The lights are those projector ones....those are smoked though. There are probably alot of people that sell them since I see alot of cars with them. I've also seen plenty of them on ebay for around $150.
Which silver car are you talking about.....the Sentra i posted?
Psch91 said:
Overlooked, BLKSentraSE-l and Jaggrey are talking about the Silver car on the first page, the one that Jaggrey posted, and not yours...

I love that Orange one. Its the best one Ive ever seen. I didnt think a 200sx could look so sweet.
Exactly. But nice try Overlooked!!!!:rolleyes:
UNISH25 said:
1996 Sentra GXE, 17' Konig Ziege wheels, Red Calipers, 35% Tinted Windows, Flip Trunk, Indiglos in Trunk, Black lights under Dash. I live my life a quarter mile at a time!
Hey UNISH, on your homepage is that the most recent pic of your car? I'd like to see how 35% tint looks like.
Smahatma said:
Hot damn that looks sooo nice!!!!!!
I'd love to do that to my car. $1200 last time I looked around for it.
sethwas said:
Check my sig for all (well as many as iI could find) available B14 parts with pictures.
If you don`t see. its a stillen sero bumper and a GTR kit all around. Plus painted halos and stealth sides.

How much is that GTR kit? Where can you get it from? I've seen an Erebuni kit online that looks very similar.
Katana200sx said:
damn man that's how it goes. you get so far along with your car and then somethin fucks it up. as for where to get the gtr kit...stillen still sells it i think. i keep tellin people that the erebuni and stillen kit is made by the same people but no one believes me. erebuni still sells the old gtr bumper like i have on my car, where as stillen has the new style like matt has. if u just want the rear,front, and are looking at $900 plus shipping. matt told me a good place to look though
Yea I thought the kit was Erebuni when I 1st saw it, but others said it was the GTR kit. I've seen it for $8-900, $1200 with the fender flares (which does it for me...I have to have those fender flares:D)
Matt4Nissan said:
I like the Mossy one. He has a lot of time into the bodywork on it. I like how my car looks. Took me a long time to be able to say that. The kit on my car (except for the front bumper.) is the GTR kit, made by a manufacturer in Mexico. I purchased mine through Erebuni. Actually like Katana said through a group buy. The reason I like the kit so much is, it's URETHANE. It bends. I can't speak for any of the other cars posted but my exterior wasn't worked over until the motor was. Although bolt on's aren't cutting it so I'm saving for boost now.
How much??
Timbo said:
That's easy. ME! :D
Katana200sx said:
its not hard to get man...just contact erebuni for that version of it..or stillen for the new version of it which the only change is the front bumper like matt's
I wish it were cheaper. $1200?? Sigh.:(
JT200SX-N-FX said:
Actually, Erebuni still sells the old kit complete. I've heard of other companies on the net sellin em cheaper, somewhere on the board but I can't remember. If you really want it, do a search. The kit just stopped production earlier this year, so there's plenty left to go around.
Nooooo....they stopped production?
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