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hey man, just realized i don't know which car i'm trying to give you advice on. just so i'm clear... did you mean the small 200sx? or the big 200sx??? this beheamoth here, or the tiny rally car? *snickers*
YouTube - RB25 200sx (not 180sx or 240sx ) running again

still don't know what car you have.

you're wanting a cheap race car, i get it...
okay, you want somthing good on gas... til you race, that can go offroad and take onroad turns at the drop of a hat..
here's some vids of a 240...
same price range really.. well the first two are.. ;]
this is a lil collection of vids from each of the stepped up engines you can drop in..
now there's an argument i wanna start...
notice which engines are at the bottom.
;] engaurd!

oops forgot one.
YouTube - CA18DET in my S13

YouTube - In-Car Camera: Stock Power 240SX @ Drift Event

KA24DET....not stock.
YouTube - 600HP s13 240sx

YouTube - 200SX SR20DET Dyno

name says it all... this vids nice.
YouTube - S14 w/ S15 SR20DET Dyno

YouTube - Drifting Nissan RB25 S13 - Drift Star Syndicate - IMV Films
YouTube - rb25 Dyno Day

YouTube - 240SX WITH RB26 drifting
same engine
YouTube - Best Lap Of D1
had to put another dyno vid
YouTube - rb26 240sx dyno tuning
but that dyno vid sucked so here...
YouTube - Ferrari 360 vs. 200SX S13 with Skyline engine

YouTube - VQ35DE 350Z Motor HIGH COMPRESSION in 1989 240SX Coupe
YouTube - Maytech VQ30det 180sx first fire
just sounds too much like a maxima for it not to be..
YouTube - supercharged S13 drifting

VH45DE, w/ all the performance specs in Q45 chassis.
..holy crap... talk about a throwback ad. original price $38,800 even. w/ features $45,000. (btw, know some info that it was rated stock 278hp because if they advertised the real stock power of 300-305hp, it wouldn't have been street legal in the US. so they lied.)
and one more note before you watch this vid...
look how clean the engine bay was... FOR 1990!
and... the model being tested has the HICAS and Active Suspension. and it has the MPG if you need it.
YouTube - MW 1990 Infiniti Q45

VH45DE, in a 240
YouTube - Matt's 450sx

YouTube - V8 Silvia

YouTube - V8 S13

YouTube - NZ's most powerful drift car S13 Silvia Drift Beast

i'd like to state too.. that putting a huge american v-8 into this car... you have to structurally support the whole chassis... end up puttin a mod on your LS1 and twist the hell out of your rear end, break Diffs.
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