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I know some of you guys will be out of town, but this is for the people that are interested on coming.
The details are as follows:

Saturday November 30th, 2002
6PM (maybe earlier?)
Schaumburg Hooter's
Might be meeting across the street at the 1000 building parking lot (Illinois Institute of Art at Schaumburg) closer to panera's

They are trying to get a head count so that they can call ahead and get a reservation. Pretty much the last day to to reply back is the 27th.

The list is the people that are or might be going:
-DTR Maxima (Assuming don't have to work)
-Driving Illini

Ill will try my best to update this page. Considering I have this and 2 other Nissan sites to keep them make things a lil easier to be updated, go to - forums - regional - Upper Midwest - Thanksgiving Meet.
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