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Thanks for info. on replacing 5th input gear

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Hi all, I have had an '83 wagon for about a year and half. It has around 170,00 miles on it. I was expecting the transmission to start popping out of 5th gear sooner or later but thought it would be later. My older brother has a '96 sedan with over 200,000 miles on it and it just started. My dad and then my cousin had an '85 sedan over a decade ago that my dad bought with the issue. My cousin had taken the transmission apart several times and like blownb310 he knew he didn't have to remove the whole trans. to get to the gear and he knew which gear it was. Even so I found it helpful to read blownb310's explanation and HalfJap's addition. Considering those posts were made around 20 years ago I don't know if either of them are still using this forum but I appreciate the help nonetheless.
I am checking the very limited availability on the gear new as I don't expect to find one used these days. If I find it and maybe if not I plan to go digging to confirm it is indeed what is worn in this transmission.
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Rosemartin, I don't think your reply had anything to do with the message I sent about transmissions.
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