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Looks like I am the first one heheheeh cool. Anyways I know alot of people have already done a det swap into our cars. I read the SCC article on the det swap into a G20. It Said the swap into the B14 needs to have a little more wiring done to it. I would really like to know what else needs to be done besides what was gone over in the SCC article. Thanks Guys !!!!! TURBO RULES!!!!

The 'extra wiring' that the article refers to is simply lengthening wires on two or three harness connectors. I can't remember off the top of my head but two are on the passenger side and have to do with the IAAC valve and the other one is to the Oil Pressure Switch on the backside of the motor.

The article also mentioned that you have to cut or file away a couple braces on the oil pan to get the crossmember to fit. I did that but found out I only had to file away ONE of the braces. Test fit it to find out because I don't remember.

Getting the power steering pump to fit is gonna be a little tricky. One of the high pressure hoses will interfere with a harness connector just above it. I was told that I'd have to get a power steering pump elbow for a B13 and swap that. I got it and it was the same damn part. So what I did was I fiddled with the position of the pump so that the line is actually in between the two sensors right above it and ran a smaller belt. Works fine.

Other than that, it's a simple bolt-in, plug and play job.
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